How much do toner cartridges cost?

If you have a maintenance and supplies contract with Allied, your toner is usually included within this. If you want to check this, please contact us on 01794 526088.

What do I do with my empty toner cartridge?

We offer a recycling programme for colour toners only (at present). We can provide you with prepaid labels to return your empty cartridges.

Can I turn my machine off at night?

It is your choice but we recommend leaving it in sleep mode if you have a fax. The correct method to shut down to avoid faults: Press sleep button – wait for light to stop blinking before switching off.

I have cleared a paper jam but the jam indicator light will not go, what can I do?

First make sure no paper is in indicted areas, refer to our Jam List. Sometimes all covers need to be opened and then closed before the jam is reset, also try switching the machine off and on.

My machine won’t print, but I can photocopy?

Make sure the network cable is plugged into the machine and a green/amber light is on where it plugs into the photocopier. Please look at our Troubleshooting guide for IT issues.

I can’t send or receive faxes – is there anything I can do?

Make sure the fax cable is plugged in correctly (to a fax port and then to the ‘Line 1’ of the photocopier). If still no dial tone please get your fax line tested.

Can I do anything to clear a black line on my copies?

Most likely cause is an obstruction on the glass. First lift the document feeder (lid) now you should be able to see the glass, on the left is a small slit of glass clean this (check for dried tip-ex, pen marks etc.)

How do I take a meter reading from my photocopier?

Press the user tools key, then counter. From here you can either print out a copy of the counter or take note of it.